Saturday, 2 May 2015

Birthday Love . . .

I have become another year older and in celebration of that fact so many friends and family have showered me with love.  Some of that love came in the form of gifts and I have to admit that if I didn't know it already I certainly know now that sewing must occupy a fair amount of my conversations.  There was a certain sewing theme around many of the gifts I received so I thought I would do a little show case of the loveliness.  I also gave the blog a little spruce up to mark the occasion - what do you think?
First off are the lovely patterns that I was given this year - so exciting to be able to use these for many years to come!

 I now have such a super array of patterns to choose from I am really not sure where to start.  The sewing bee was absolutely right up there in the best programmes to watch for me and I am just as impressed with the book.  A huge amount of patterns from the very simple to quite complex is crammed into the book - in fact the only thing missing was a pair of woman's trousers.  How very convenient to have also been gifted a lovely pattern for them!  I have the Prima pattern for trousers already but really wanted to make a more fitted pair as well.  This pattern is perfect for just that.

I am super inspired by the 1960's style coat in the sewing bee book but I think I might have to build up to that one!

A cute set of Made by Me buttons to stitch on to my crafts - think I might wear it as a brooch on a future jacket.

A gorgeous selection of fabrics!  So in love with these and already plotting a pair of trousers from that purple striped fabric!

A cute bunting pack all ready for applique to be added

And some Cath Kidston loveliness!  So very cute and super useful.

 I definitely felt the love this year from all sorts of wonderful people and the sewing theme in the gifts was very much appreciated.  I can't wait to get started on some of the patterns I have been given and use all the wonderful fabric and accessories.
Watch this space for my future projects.