Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My new sewing machine!

As many of you know I have been waiting for a long time to replace my old sewing machine.  It has served me well having been bought as a present when I was 15 for me by my parents.  It has sewn my my wedding dress, prom dress, some bridesmaids dresses, a quilt for my nephew, a dress for my sisters 21st birthday and so many other things.  But it was reaching a point of no return when the enjoyable part of sewing was taken away because I had to fix the machine every ten minutes.

So ... finally after much debate I bought a new one!  I have to confess to finding it quite a stressful purchase - I am amazed at the amount of choices there are.

This is what I chose

A sewing machine by Frister and Rossman bought from sewing machines direct.  A great bonus of ordering from them is the huge amount of thread that you get and a handy scissor pack.  Really a great little bonus on top of free next day delivery!

I have to admit I didn't think I would go for a computerized machine but now I have got going I am so happy I did.
It is so smooth and so quiet compared to what I was using before!
I had to spend some time reading the instructions which is quite unusual for me and then made an attempt to jump in and get started.  A few trips back to the instruction book and a couple of checks of some you tube videos and I seem to be well on my way.

So what is great about this machine?

  • It is super smooth and neatly ends each round of stitching with the needle exactly where you tell it (ie up or down).  Perfect for sewing corners and just saving time to not keep using the handle to adjust the needle and end a row
  • The machine helpfully recomends the best foot for the stitch selected
  • It is quiet
  • The stitches come out beautifully - so strong and so even (I think that is maybe an indication of how falling apart my old machine was to be honest!)
  • It seems to be a great combination of quilting and dressmaking 
  • It makes cute sewn stars!  I mean really what else could you want!
I have to say that my sewing has increased a huge amount because I am able to properly enjoy it again!  More of that to come soon!

I have to admit to having a list of projects ready to blog about because I just can't leave the machine alone!  But my stash of fabric is beginning to get a dent in it which probably is a good thing!

To summarize I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to go and choose a new machine and to sit down and enjoy it!  Must get back to it now I'm in the middle of a fab weekender bag!