Saturday, 28 February 2015

Deckchair Sunshine

After a glorious day of sunshine on Friday it seems that winter has returned with grey skies and lots of rain!  When will summer arrive?  Admittedly I am being slightly unrealistic expecting it to show up in February but one can hope!

To beat my winter blues I pulled out this fabric that I have had for months and months and not been too sure how to use it.  I love the stripe but haven't felt quite confident that I can turn it into something that I would wear.

SO instead I chose to turn it into something my house could wear - or my sofa to be specific!

Cushion covers!  They can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.  You can add piping to the edges, applique the front, add zips, buttons - anything that takes your fancy.  But when you have some fabric as bright as mine you can just go for a straight forward envelope cushion cover.  Super quick and super simple.

I cut out 1 x 18"by18" and 2 x 13"by18" of my fabric.

I then took the 2 smaller pieces and made a hem on one of the 18" lengths from both of the pieces.

Then I lay the large square right side facing up and place the 18" raw edges of the small pieces in line with the raw edges at the top and bottom of the large square.  At this point your right sides of fabric should be facing each other and all you should see if the wrong sides.

Pin and then sew right round the square.

Trim the corners and any loose threads, press and there you have it a super cute and super simple cushion cover.

Here are the two I made - upcycled from a bed sheet found in a charity shop.

I love the deckchair stripes and they certainly brighten up my yellow sofa!  Here is to hoping summer arrives soon!

What else do you see being made out of this fabric?  I have plenty more and am loving it right now so any suggestions do share!