Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Slouch cardigan

A lovely afternoon spent wandering resulted in me discovering some fantastically blue fabric in a charity shop.  It was reduced to only a pound so I went for it and began to plan the fabulous things I would make from it.  Pinterest to the ready and off I went.  I found this fantastic pattern for a super comfy slouch cardigan. If you decide you fancy giving it a go you can find the pattern here from True Bias.

The pattern seemed pretty straight forward so off I went - 2 simple rectangles, a bit of shaping and I find myself already at the sewing machine.

It really was nice to just have to cut this much out before sewing.
As I got to work I realised how much this fabric would fray and actually a much more complex pattern might have been a nightmare to work with.  This is what my overlocker looked like after a few seams being done. Super fluffy!

I persevered and chose to do a french seam as was recommended in the original blog post which cut down on some of the amount of loose fibers I was dealing with.  I have to say that if you are looking for a nice simple pattern to get you going on a sewing machine this is most certainly it.  Really straight forward and the only thing that required some tweaking for me was the curve for the front of the cardigan.  I made it much to deep originally so once I tried it on I had some strange bits that didn't seem to belong anywhere.  Scissors out and a bit of adjustments made and I loved it.
So here we have it - unfortunately my dummy is a much to similar colour to the fabric so once again I have had to model this one.  (any volunteers to model future projects very welcome!)

 I love how loose and free it is and I definitely want to try this pattern in a knit as think it is a perfect pattern to practice sewing more stretchy fabrics.  I'm currently a little bit afraid of them!
Overall I am happy with the outcome of this one.  Simple, quick and actually just cost a pound - and now I have an extra piece for my wardrobe.

For my next project I am trying to find a cute pattern for a jacket - I have a skirt that my grandma gave me and I am thinking that with a little bit of clever pattern placement I might be able to stretch it out to turn into a jacket - I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know!

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