Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Getting my crochet on!

So I kinda fell into this one - hanging out at the sewing cafe I try to get to when I can a friend of mine re-taught me to crochet.  My Mum and You-Tube have taught me on a few occasions however I never seemed to quite get going.
 I think this time round the cold weather and desire for a calm and peaceful pastime spurred me on.  I set off and practiced a few stitches eventually resulting in me simply stitching round and round in circles.

This didn't exactly turn into anything but it got me going and got me used to how I manage the tension - little fingers are key for this one for me!

Then I found this super simple tutorial on you-tube.  Simple and slow really is exactly what was required for me at this stage I'm afraid. If you fancy a go this is the link I used Crochet Blanket

So off I went - and started to make a square.  All seemed to be going well until I realized that my double crochet was missing a stage and I needed to correct this.  I decided as I already had crocheted the size of a cushion cover that I would just accept this mistake as a quirk of my project.  This means that my blanket will never quite be a perfect square as the middle of each edge leans inwards slightly.
I studied the video a little more closely this time (lessons we learn again and again - pay attention!:)) and adjusted my double crochet accordingly.

I haven't quite got to the finished stage yet but I thought I would give it a share anyway and add the finished product into another post later along in the year.
 I have to admit that this most certainly does not look as smooth and perfect as the blanket in the video but for a first attempt I reckon it is pretty good!  It is fit for purpose if nothing else.

So why am I falling in love with crochet?  I don't loose my way like with knitting, I find it super therapeutic and peaceful (even finding myself crocheting while listening to music and drifting into a world of my thoughts - bliss), I love the look of crochet and I have made (nearly) a whole blanket with odds and scraps of wool that I had lying around the house.  All of the wool was picked up from charity shops originally anyway but then had been half used and abandoned into the depths of my wool box.  Now all of that wool is woven together to create something that I think is pretty cool and is actually useful.  Up-cycling at its best - what was abandoned and forgotten has been utilized to become something used and pretty.  Plus I enjoyed making it!

I think I have summed myself up pretty clearly there - I'm loving the peace of crochet, up-cycling makes me happy and I can't wait to complete my funky granny square blanket!
Have you started any new projects recently?