Saturday, 14 February 2015

Kimono Top

I am continuing to love the crochet but this weekend had a bit of free time and was given some patterns.  I had a good look through and saw a kimono style top.

I have always stuck to quite plain tops leaning towards brighter patterns in skirts.  Recently though I am travelling around mainly via scooter so find myself in jeans.  This has left me feeling a bit dull in the clothes that I wear.  Jeans and plain-ish tops are the style for me at the minute so a cute kimono top might just brighten things up a little bit.

I had some bright peachy-orange fabric that was the under side from a reclaimed duvet cover I was gifted.  The top side was used to make this funky dress.
Now the underside is being used to make a jacket.  It actually excites me when I find a way to use up some fabric that otherwise might have gone to waste.  Plus when I make something out of the fabric I already own without buying anything I get an extra buzz!

The prima pattern was pretty simple to use.  Instructions are clearly on the back and patterns pieces show sizing really clearly. If you are going to use again and again you really need to trace out the pattern as they are copied on both sides.

The whole project has probably taken me about 3 hours including cutting out.  The one thing I couldn't quite understand from the pattern is how to neaten the seams - it does have an explanation but in my Saturday sewing haze I couldn't quite get my head around it.  Instead I decided to use french seams throughout - it takes an extra line of sewing for each seam but is super neat and there is not a raw edge to be found!

Well here it is - what do you think?
I love the cherries on the edge of the sleeves!

 Have any of you tried the Prima patterns?  It is a new find for me but given how expensive patterns can be a free one here and there can't be a bad thing!  Plus the patterns are pretty simple so would be easily adaptable.

I'll give this top a few wears and see if there are any tweaks to be made but I think this might become a staple design to be used in many different fabrics!

Till next time!